Thursday, September 6, 2018

POLISH KGB Individual employed by Debak reception center WHO WAS involved in MKULTRA(have also paid visitation to USA) claimed me just yesterday at Debak immigration center(reception center) on how one was open in 2009 !!! REALLY !!?????

I have audio recorded individual who tried to intimidate me and will stop at Polish border patrol to report incident(will create video and send one to Warszaw and Lodz and stop bye in near facility to continue what I started yesterday) to escalate claim on federal level in Poland.

What year was news released Mr. KGB !!???? 

Direction of this immigration center was in constant touch with Kaczyńskis - phone records, however, must be checked back all the way to 2005 and not for the past two years or so.

News from 2004 as United Nation reports For almost two weeks, a group of 200 asylum seekers at Debak reception centre near the Polish capital refused to collect meals from the centre’s canteen. “We demand that Poland opens safe passage to Western Europe,” wrote the protesters in a petition against their living conditions. “There is no hot water, food is not good, we have no warm clothes, there is no education for our children. Why does Poland accept us if it cannot help us?”

Original audio is coming on this subject...


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