Friday, September 21, 2018

TRAGIC SIMILARITIES BETWEEN POLISH AND SLOVENIAN NATIONS: Should Polish nation be substituted IN Poland by Russians just as the case is with native Slovenians in Slovenia !!?????

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Forget Ukraine where the worst is happening(off course if that is not scary enough - imagine what they would do to you if they could who is not related to them as much as Ukrainians are)...Ukrainian people are classified as Eastern Slavs and are related to Russians just as Slovenes are related to Poles(also to Czechs and Slovaks|)...

Slovenian natives(were and are Western Slavs and are now even illegally de-categorized/de-classified into group of South Slavs - can be seen everywhere on internet and it all happened because of UDBA individual Borut Pahor who managed to convince with lies Polish Kaczynski brothers, a Czech drunk Milos Zeman and possibly even some other idiot who seats in influential for Slovenian nation political chair) have just like Poles had almost the same enemy throughout the history and last liberator was almost the same too. 
Slovenia just like Poland ceased to exist at times and was finally liberated by partisan(Slovenian, Croat, Serbian, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnian and in the end of the war even by red army) and red army movement in WWII(AGAIN just like Poland), but should this also mean end of Polish and Slovene nations !!?!????

Poland too was liberated by partisans and red army...should one be therefore just as the case is with Slovenian people replaced by Russians(in Slovenia Serbs took over and there is more and more Russians present as well for which no real official statistics exist) thanks to politicians alike Kaczynski/ Zeman/ Pahor/ Vucic and son on !!?????? 

Because this is all it takes and before you know, you become foreigner in own star fascist fuhrer on level of Borut Pahor(MILAN KUCAN) will more than gladly rewrite history of your(his own) nation and before you know, you are out. 

The rest "police"(selected by UDBA officials and same applies to Slovenian courts as well as to field of psychiatry) will take care the rest...blacklisting/blackballing of an individual on job market is totally unregulated in the world(there is no one you can complain about to in respect to this issue even on international level) as this is the main instrument of New World's Order....


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