Sunday, September 2, 2018

KGB dude just moved to another room(switched his bed with yet another Kurd).

so I should follow him around(its how psychology from Russian durdom operates - they want person to be unstable/ dependable/ insecure and so on and don't mind to use any sort of violence to accomplish stated here) I guess to be with Russians.

I am now in room with four Iranis of which three are Kurds, three Pakistanis(one spent in Serbia no less than four years and as far as I remember Slovenian/Serbian companies even invested in Pakistan to have him on his side - is somehow related also to UN), one Lebanese individual, and Egyptian who claims to be Christian.

There are several other Iranis in here(a couple and few on first floor) and off course KGB operatives from Belarus and Chechnya.

Lebanese has a girlfriend in Germany(is Mossad/German operative - two work together with one another)....Kurds remind heavily of Yazidi women in Belarus's center for refugees(in 2017) also arrived from Germany and were in bed with Mossad. They all arrived from Germany/West...what other than what is stated here only they know...none of them is learning Polish language...Lebanese individual is in bed 24/7(on the phone).

As far as Russia...this is in my eyes a failed inhumane(disgraced, perverted, and shameful) state which must compare with regimes such as Iran(involve abduction scenarios) or North Korea lets say to make positive impression on heavily persecuted person like myself(and it failed totally even like this).

Russia is the worst(lowest of the low - primitive) example for this world(humanity) and with such poor standards barely fits into category of Slavic nations...such a huge potential(twice as big as USA) and on almost every level zero point nothing(will never ever develop into anything like this because one never ever assumed anything its officials have performed - ignorant, hateful, shameless. lawless, vagabondish nation which spares nothing in this world of disgrace).

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