Wednesday, April 25, 2018

There are two things you don't want in your countries

One is German and another one is Russian(or Serbian)...two things because of which we paid astronomical price throughout the history and is about to get even much much worse...YOU WANT THEM BOTH OUT(and keep them as far as possible) BECAUSE YOU WANT YOUR COUNTRIES FREE FROM NAZISM AND HATRED OF ANY KIND(any kind of polarisation/abnormality even if in the name of human rights is a form of nazism or other forms of hatred that lead into fall of the society and should be strictly condemned) !!! 
Never ever allow your countries to become polarized with any of issues mentioned here as this people caused more evil to this world than almost entire world combine.

This is what your MoscowBelgrade("we, mine, I, ours" type of politics) have done and you will eat one now.

I basically am forced to equal nazism with communism. 

Not because I would hate communism(not at all, I am communist in my heart and will remain for the rest of my life), but because of people who have identified themselves in the past as communists(they are not really communists - they are neonazis in red uniforms and not communists as their actions and lifestyles are no different from German WWII neonazis) and are repeating mistakes from the past(this people are traitors and are performing genocide against our people per Moscow)...freedom of its citizens should be top priority for every country in the world and I don't see why this shouldn't be the case with our countries as well...

Communism is only possible with people who truly believe in one and the biggest disaster one can make is to mistaken communists with people who ONLY present themselves as communists, but are in reality the opposite...

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