Thursday, April 19, 2018

“down with Israel” and “down with USA” will now cost you and Syria and Iran...


Common sense will not prevail nor in Iran and nor in Lebanon...and its because of Iran that common sense will not prevail in Lebanon...
instead of taking positive course of direction(prosperity via education/employment which is accessible only via tollerance and willingness to accept reality), Lebanese youth is oriented toward acts of terrorism(self destruction) which mentality is supported by Iran...unemployment and hatred is the way to go for Lebanese, however, can't be acceptable for any normal country in the world(who would want to have neighbor country like this afterall !!???? At no surprise, Israel doesn't want either...doesn't want and can't afford nor from economical not from any other standpoint)...

Mr. Rouhani wants regional politics(and conflict within) and not global view and acceptance of reality. In my video from yesterday, I didn't ask anyone to soften their stands, I just asked to accept reality as is. With Iran's involvement in Syria and what was seen on desplay just yesterday, its probably not difficult to predict what will happen next...USA and Israel were mentioned, but not a single sight about Germany that deseminated hatred against Muslims accross the entire Europe and world(just bizare and regretful views of Iran on world in my view)...

Mr Rouhani not anywhere in even near same situation with Korean Kim Jong-un who has behind him and China and Russia....what was to be feared the most is now becoming the reality...

@Mr Lebanese people need someone out there to
suggest them on how Israel(has over 400 nukes) will be blown up(totally unrealistic as one can delete entire mid East and far beyond if needed) and who is engaging in terrorism with idea to even fortify in people(people who already are in extremelly difficult situation) pathos based on hatred !!????? 

Please think about your actions before it gets all too late Mr. can still change course of history before it will get all too late...those on whom you and your people count(HEIL HITLER) hate you...

World War 3 FEARS: 'Down with USA' Iran showcases DEVASTATING new missiles in huge display

WORLD WAR 3 fears have been sparked as Iran showcased its military might in shocking footage from its annual military parade, known as National Army Day, as billboards reading 'Down with USA' and 'Down with Israel' paraded through Tehran.

A convoy of missiles were paraded through the Iranian capital of Tehran on Wednesday in a shocking warning to the West.

Missiles were marched down the street and included the alarming S-200 and S-300 air defence missile system, as part of National Army Day.

Following a speech by President Hassan Rouhani, in which he said Iran would not heed to Western pressure, soldiers marched down the streets armed with military weapons.

Footage from Ruptly of the parade shows a mobile billboard make its way through the city, reading “down with Israel” and “down with USA”.

US President Donald Trump has threatened to walk away from a nuclear deal with the rogue state and reimpose sanctions by May 12 unless tough new restrictions are imposed on Iran’s nuclear and missile programs.

But tensions between the US and Iran’s ally Syria have increased in recent days after US President Donald Trump launched military strikes on Syria following a chemical attack that left dozens dead.

Mr Trump said: “To Iran and to Russia, I ask what kind of nation wants to be associated with the mass murder of innocent men women and children?”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said last week the US would regret violating the nuclear deal and Iran would respond in “less than a week” if that happened.

Mr Rouhani said: “We will not be the first to violate the accord but they should definitely know that they will regret it if they violate it.

“We are much more prepared than they think, and they will see that if they violate this accord, within a week, less than a week, they will see the result.”

Following the Syrian airstrikes, the President Rouhani said he was not afraid to shout "loud and clear" that Mr Trump, Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron were "criminals".

He said: “The attack carried out on Syria overnight at dawn is a crime.

“I’m announcing it loud and clear. The Presidents of the US and France as well as the British Prime Minister are criminals and have committed a crime.”

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