Saturday, April 28, 2018

Russia is for the weak people

Russia was part of the eastern block where mentality "rather whom you know" than "what you know or willingness for hard work" is still appreciated...

My life was not the easy one...I practically didn't have one because of Trumps(gangster traitors) even in America where I ran from this sort of attitude from Slovenia...its not Russia like this only, entire political spectrum is based(contaminated - infected) on this type of ideology(speculations and theft = whom you know and not what you know and willingness to earn via hard work and decent way of life). Putin/Medvedev/Lavrov/Vucic and so on are a low class freebie can wear beautiful suits sure, but you are still same old same clumsy old elephant in those regardless...

Russian people are to me the most beautiful(physically and freedom wise attractive) people on earth for sure...I felt like being part of them when in Belarus as nowhere else before in my life...they loved me and I loved them(I felt way better than at home in Slovenia - couldn't compare my stay in Belarus with USA in any way and its also nothing I wouldn't do for them...I say so because if you remember it was not easy in Belarus...I drove with train back and forth...often times barely with any sleep and all sorts of problems...entire time with almost no money at all - Its why I know I love one - if I wouldn't love one, I would curse one and leave immediately, but instead of that I left one with river of tears in my eyes), but the mentality of political structure on how they would want me to see things as was/is totally unacceptable.

In another words, I want to deal with people who will like me for what I represent(what I am) and not force me to love the structure that is based on above-mentioned values are based on real values(its what I give to others I deal with = dignity/equality/respect) and I don't want to mistaken those with TOLERANCE for fake/ lies/ sham/ laziness/ criminality and so get it !!????? 

And its also because I don't need too !!!

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