Wednesday, April 25, 2018

RUSSO SERBIAN TERRORISTS(genocidal instigators of nazism and fascism for the sake of the genocide and war) MUST OUT OF OUR COUNTRIES

23 Years of what you have seen on my site tells me that enough is enough...I even covered up for psychitrist(YUGOSLAV AGENT >>ZORAN MUDZA<<) who was involved against me per who he trully was(how etc.)...because of what repeated again yesterday, I can't afford any longer to support this type of politics in any form as is totally evident from case of my own that regardless of what one tries to help forming state unions from which all would profit, never is good enough for those who contributed nothing...
For the sake of our people, it would be best for Russians to depart Ukraine, Baltic states, Poland, Czech and Slovak republics, Slovenia(take Serbs with you), Croatia and so on...Russia is the biggest country in the world(twice as big as USA) and can with Serbia(not even Montenegro wants to part of such union any longer - totally understandable and for the first time in the history of its existance thanks to Putan Putanowich's politics) form very prosperous and democratic union(democratic because they understand their people only and what provenly becomes most severe problem when those appear in other countries for the countries which host them with best intentions).

It is time for central European politics...not German and not Kremlinist politics...its time for Polish, Ukrainian, Baltic, Czechoslovak(Slovenia and Croatia should both fit in and so shoutld Romania and Bulgaria) union that can work along well with Israel and USA.

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