Thursday, April 19, 2018

At approximatelly 0110 hours this morning, neighbor again tested his directed energy weapon on me

All to often nock on the door from the room on what sound in ears commenced(this have had happened before on many occasions and was/is used to totally humiliate me - not only to torture, but to humiliate me as well)...

I got up and have opened emf detector package which, however, already had batteries inside and am therefore unsure if one is even new(just to mention, destroyed laptop recorded record 4.9 microtesla radiation and is steadily ranging at about 1.25 and 0.6 - anything beyond 0.1 is bad for health) I video record opening of the package(still want police to examine one in details), camera in garage where car is parked catches a massive trash(probably a very light fabric) flying(cought on camera this time - happens when someone is in the area) - meaning that neighbor either went out via garage where car was parked or simply went in there to get me in there, so someone else could get in my room and have most likely microcameras removed...this type of provocation was used just the other night when I felt pain from radiation even in my testicles on what someone waved piece of clothing in front of camera in very same garage(I sure lost tempter and ran downstairs just to realize what whole thing was all about) to get me out...and father demands cameras removed which were installed on the first place because of excruciating directed energy torture performed on me(its why precisely I moved downstairs and have cameras installed - you have no idea how violent this neighbors are).

This kinds of detector doesn't provide any protection against Xrays which neighbors are also is questionable if this types of detectors can detect anything on low frequncy that is used and if in operational condition....journalists now have to openly fight as seen here with Kremlin thugs...this is how far Putan Putanowich have brought whole ordeal...

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