Saturday, April 28, 2018

Criminal charges against my niece husband Mitja Veber and Slovenian police are imminent

Both laptops were modified per Moscow and Belgrade into radiation transmitters that exceeds even 70 times levels of permitted...
Slovenian police orchestrated under MKULTRA my death(would blame Muslim radicals for it) and make mi disappear(have placed me in mental hospital and suggested me to either leave with new ID or stay in there)...something they also tried(have psychologically pressured as MKULTRA follow up to see what my response would be) already in Belarus...

I clearly will NOT accept any "afterlife" options that were highly encouraged under MKULTRA and in news lately...

Death is death and my name that matches government IDs are all I have in this world. 

Understandable for criminals to seek this types of options, but it would be beyond insane act for decent person like myself to use one for the sake of the criminals and traitors such as Donald Trump. Any such option against me will result in real death(100% suicide).

I plan on collecting money and stepping on political stage...none of  here stated is or ever will be negotiable. You denied me ruined my life by pushing me out of society...the only thing you can count on is a maximum resistance in this case...I am NOT Stormy Daniels whom you have and whose silence you will buy again...murderous weirdos

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