Saturday, April 28, 2018

It doesn't matter how beautiful Russian girl(or girls or whatever) is because

They all come with price tag. Price tag is set in Moscow by their owners and never ever was affordable. This is why I never cared for Russian or Serbian...just not affordable as is totally inhumane. Trump screwed numerous Russian and other Eastern European people(he and others had KGB freely kill and torture even what became Americans citizens in a heartland of the USA - in many cases like myself totally innocent and politically non-involved people... non-Russians - enough if from Eastern Europe and if only KGB interest was expressed) about whom mainstream media doesn't even write about...Nastya Rybka is with her boyfriend imprisoned now and legal case against Trump in respect to Stormy Daniels simply blocked(Cohen is already laughing)...
USA became a total banana state...Jews didn't break my brand new Mazda in Miami, Eastern European terrorists did - Mitja Veber even bragged about by belt being broken on Mazda with only 15/20k miles...have audio recordings on that matter...this is what you did and continue to do Trump.

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