Thursday, April 26, 2018

My advice to Ukraine is

Dump Poroshenko(KREMLIN AGENT WHO INCITED IN ANTI RUSSIAN SENTIMENT PER KREMLIN), stage anti neonazi protests across the Ukraine, give the middle finger to Berlin(we Slavs are totally unequal in eyes of Berlin my friends -stop being delusional and used by Kremlin via Berlin as their politic is a dead end street = two are in bed with one another), and board plane for arms shopping in Israel...ensure that laws of democracy(equality) are enforced(not only written on paper as the case is in Germany, but enforced) most strictly in Ukraine and nobody is ever left behind...connect with Poland and others OR you can continue to wait for Poroshenko's connections with Western politicians who already have sold you to Kremlin...know that you are running out of time do.
Am I correct Poroshenko !!??????

And who are American military volunteers in Ukraine(you have them in front lines in Ukraine reporting STRAIGHT to Kremlin about your positions/equipment etc.) !!??? 

I will tell you who they are and what they do...its same with them as is in Slovenia(foreign Slovenian minster Karl Erjavec could confirm this statement 100% fact)...THEY SPY FOR RUSSIA IN OUR COUNTRIES IS WHO AND WHAT THEY ARE !!! All pre-approved by Russia prior even to their arrival here is who they are...

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