Thursday, April 19, 2018

Either ultrasound or Xraying is being used on me for already three hours

I was promised these under MKULTRA by my neighbor Dane Kolenc personally and my parents in case I would write against Moscow(this is what Moscow is and not only Putin as they were the one who approved all these)...

I was promissed to be killed basically and its something that works for me just fine because if I do get form of brain tumor(or whatever cancer - I know this worn't end well), I will be capable to point at my family/Kremlin and more than anybody a Slovenian police as well as parliament(Kremlin murders people in Slovenia like this - publicly).

I belive that heat in the room was caused by microwawe gun, but pressure in ears is created either by Xrays or ultrasound.

My head hurts at this longer pressure sound only...

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