Thursday, April 26, 2018

I had another neighbor(his wife) Peterlin to walk under the room window with mother about 1800 hours to loudly suggest on how if I will continue to write what i write yet another hospitalisation will be necessary

I tell you these neighbors are hard to beat(Peterlin got Suzuki contract thanks to his involvement in my case and was also used as the host for few politicians)...they are disillusioned with my writing as am not paying attention to what they have brainwashed me with(their idea was to create for me world of their own in my mind via torture - steer/absorb my attention in their direction of bullying only and forget about writing stuff that matters, but that is just not the case and will never ever be)...

Well, here is my answer for the neighbors and their owners(I will dedicate each day 8 hours to what you see here and the rest to you my loving neighbors and family) in Moscow...

I am not sure if these neighbors understand evil that their owners and they have caused me...understand that murdering people publicly comes with price tag for them and their families. 

Hospitalisation threats only increase in me productivity(determination to get your bosses and you down and when you say that I have no chances in doing so, whole thing becomes for me even more essential/urging to proceed with) - thats all...will never ever bent down to real mental patients in red uniforms who are indifferent from neo-Nazi concentration camps workers...I too have nothing to lose(fear) as Putin have created me(Peterlin is in the political party that formally opposes ex communists, but in Slovenia never ever was about real communism anyways and so all political parties serve one interest = mafia state based in Kremlin).

Brigitka(wife of my ex kindergarten mate Jernej - we knew each other since early childhood - a bit jealous but still okay dude) Peterlin was always a very very nice girl...really really nice and was the last person would expect to come under my window with such news...but okay...thank you Brigita.

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