Monday, April 23, 2018

Local Novo mesto's hospital seems to have a lots of money as

almost every time(each day), and especially whenever releasing news about Putan Putanowich is rushing with medical vehicles(have sirens on) on the road located right across the river(this is city with not even 20.000 people hey)....there are some very very mentally disturbed people in here(begining with my neighbor Miroslav Berger) per Kremlin and those include chief of the Novo mesto's police station as well...regular Ljubljana thug who even promised me under MKULTRA on how he will lobby for one(block investigations in this city per Kremlin basically).
As far as I remember MKULTRA, this criminal was "studying" in Ljubljana in years 2005/2006(one gestured me under MKULTRA PERSONALLY on how I won't be capable to do anything against him as he will demonstrate his time as spent in Ljubljana)...will see what and what not...if this is truth, I already have very solid proof against him.

Your scare tactics(lets not forget you got me even hospitalized based on lies in 2014) makes me only more determined to get you :))) You get it Ogulin !!???? You will - make no mistake about that...

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