Friday, March 2, 2018

SYSTEMATIC WIPEOUT NEWS: Exactly what I forecasted(have told in advance, envisioned) would be the case in respect to global neonazi takeover plan - its because I knew one and knew one because I was compelled to know one by leaders for whom they claim its all only in my head(best proof of MKULTRA that no one can possibly deny in case someone out there still have a guts to doubt anything in respect to my testimony). They don't really doubt, but still have courage to open their filthy mouths on behalf of state(idea is to desperately get any kind of violent response from me that would grant criminals immunity - both my parents are radio controlled and visit local government frequently to get further instructions on how).

You didn't stop one back then, and you won't be capable to stop one now. Too little too late - controlled opposition is best way to govern and Obama did things only 100 x times worse...what we have now in USA will be the case in part of the recolonized world - they bring in systematically Nordic whites(also latinos etc. for camouflage) and then cleansing will begun...domestic population will be driven insane via employment issues, and what appears to be lets say today black suburbs of Chicago/Miami(its what Africa/MidEast/Mexico/Argentina will face at the beginning stages) will gradually change its colors via social engineering into lets say whiter picture(domestic population destroyed as more and more of so called Nordic whites will continue to move in)...whiter Arabs(semites) will eventually be replaced in final stage with original(purest) Scandinavians/Dutch/Germans/Danes...
Precisely how they all work - Russia gets technology and Ukraine, China goes along and gets whatever, GB/USA/France(Germany and Italy are on board) readying itself for global domination via new bills(US alone 700 billion military thanks to agreement with China which will continue to operate for slave wages - same military update plan expanded via Theresa May's agreement with China and so on). AMEROGERMAN ANGLOSAXON GLOBAL TAKEOVER PLAN WILL GET IN EFFECT SYSTEMATICALLY - SOME 12 MONTHS FROM NOW ON I ESTIMATE WITH US LEADING THE PACK(they will be first to attack - most likely with Mexico or South Africa as the first targets).

I am begging Ukrainian population  not to resist weaponry that is more suffisticated than the one of United States - Americans have given pieces of most important military hardware to Russia and one concealed one via slight modifications for foreigners not to be recognizable on a battlefield + used one with what became even upgraded options of existing military hardware as they did realized on how American technology also have its limitations and weaknesses(weaknesses if one would be used as prescribed by US Government which wold know exactly how one operates as well as weaknesses in respect to performance).

I am begging also Russian military to spare lives of boys as seen here unless they become deadly confrontational...just bypass their  front lines(cut through and drive to the other side of the country / seal borders or I should say infrastructures that lead in and out of the country and have them pay guns down - thats all) and gesture them return to their precious families. Its not their fold for what is happening...they have the least to do with Kiev...everyone of them is practically you.

They need their lives back together(jobs wives/children) just like you and not what the case is...years dying in mud like this with dream on his humane/be forgiving and they will pay you back million times. Show them the opposite side of what they were used for by Germany and others....

@Russia...Don't think your problems are over as global neonazi plan will give white Nordic nazis tremendous advantage/lead in race for domination of the world. After takeover plan is completed, they will seat at the table and begun to search for he next weakest target(pick one from China/Russia/ and India...and then next one if it is not gonna be your turn to go...their goal is white Nordic world in which only white Nordic will exist and not what is today known as so called "white"...Slavs do not match their desired profiling and nor do Italians/Spaniards/French etc...this information should also signal China and India relations which are not at the best level these days...Putin becoming Russian tsar and Jinping Chinese emperor will split Russia/China ties which were created by the communist parties)...

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