Saturday, March 31, 2018

Brand new laptop Lenovo already destroyed before I got one in my hands

Computer was practically used only once...Wondos 10 were installed on one which never should be the case as Slovenian seller has advertised Win 8.1 and after I removed cover to instal Win 7 by removing hard drive manually, main screw(screw with sealing) from motherboard was already broken...

I cite Mitja Weber/Veber(husband of my niece), "you will never ever get computer in your hands if ordered from internet before my placing hands on one to either modify one or if not capable to midify, I will smash one so you will have to search for and purchase another one"....

And so this is what journalism supposed to be from now on !!???? 

Is this it Mr. Putan Putanowich !!????

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