Friday, March 9, 2018

I got 4 hours of microwawing instead of sleep

Thats about it...I am nothing more than a piece of meat for these neighbors who take orders from Moscow.

This is my reality of today while Putanowich is seating in Moscow like a king. And while I was loaded on planes like a cattle(back to US practically with knife under my throat - electroshocks were a standard procedure), in whole ordeal he has done nothing other than playing poker(whored around and traded WWII's death of 40 million Slavs for global neonazi takeover plan =  gets what used to be territory of USSR and newest technology while West eats rest of the world) with his neonazi partners in this very house...absolutely disgusting Russia. I do not accept any kind of excuses(explanations whatsoever) which you offered under MKULTRA. Beyond disgusting !!!

Microwaved, acoustically tortured, and threatened with abduction to Israel. Very very nice....I hope you get your 30 pieces of silver JEW Putanowich !!!

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