Thursday, March 15, 2018

Gangster Miro Cerar(Slovenian Prime Minster lawyer liar who fogged this very case for four years) stepped down citing as reason some economical issues rather than truth

Judas(CONSTITUTIONAL LAWYER WHO HUSHED THIS VERY CASE FOR FOUR YEARS) who knew and knows all about this very case finally "stepped" down.....
Thirty pieces of silver CONSTITUTIONAL LAWYER MIRO CERAR loved and loves to know nothing(feign/sham) just as Slovenian national assembly(parliament)....see nothing and hear  I right Cerar !!?????

Slovenian sellout(ex communist who simply changed uniforms into corrupt belogardist criminal = he became a servant of neonazi Germany and fascist Italy across the night) Janez Janša suggested today on how after June 10th, changes are realistic for more just and safe Slovenia(this "communist" who changed his red uniform into Ustasha/Chetnik domobranec was/is deeply involved in this case and have often times witnessed my ordeals) question to criminal is what precisely he means bye "more just and safer" Slovenia if he sees/hears/knows nothing about this very case !!????

And the Putan Putanowich's criminal Borut Pahor who is laughing at the same time exactly like this from neonazi Germany(posing with neonazi extremist Steinmeier whose mother returned to Germany from German occupied part of Poland known as Silesia after WWII - German government deliberately using Germans whose past somewhat involves Poland to confuse Polish issues on who and what they are for the sake of new lebensraum)...he had an excellent life thanks to this very case and have treated Slovenian citizen worse than what prisoners were treated in Guantanamo. See nothing know nothing, but do yes if you come anywhere even close to this house Pahor...

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