Saturday, March 10, 2018

I totally agree with it, however, there is only one thing missing in here about which I was told frequently is the case by team Putin/Serghei Shoigu

Whenever our women decline to open their legs for high ranking officials or oligarchs in Russia or elsewhere where they manage to establish control via local or state governments, they simply disappear to Ysrahell. AGAIN HAPPY MARCH 8TH TO ALL EASTERN EUROPEAN LADIES OUT THERE...MAY YOU BE SAFE(SAFER IF ONLY POSSIBLE WHICH THIS ARTICLE HOPEFULLY HAVE SOMEHOW ACCOMPLISHED)....

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I, for the most part, agree with stated in this very article psychology profiling wise, but do disagree with anything stated in respect to Mikheil Saakashvili because one is AmeroGerman parasite send to stear problems in the Slavic world only...let Saakashvilis stay in Holland(here to Dutch have implanted themselves into to condition us with sanity) where they belong too....

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