Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Corporate criminality is a deadly disease of the nations and not only because one kills healthy competition, but also gives criminals total control of the country(ies)

There is more truth in Stormy Daniles than in whole America....
The only time we ever get real truth and nothing but truth is whenever people are pushed over the edge...I tried to avoid at all costs creation of this website, but they wouldn't give me other choice than becoming homeless...fact that people would never ever find out the truth about me(who did what, why, and how), angered me severely...

If one manages to handle top of the state, he has control over all criminal afairs that run within the state...this is how Trump, Netanyahu, and Putin succeeded(its how America suffocated entire world - via curuption and criminality)...CRIME HAS NOOO BORDERS !!! CORPORATE ATTITUTUDE BABY !!!

You can call her whatever you want, but she is demonstrating ANTI MENTAL SLAVERY attitude in the most criminal part of the world with statements of soberness...her statements totally supersede bum Trump in every aspect(regular vagabund who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing - world without women would be the uggliest place in the universe and he treats the most precious as dirt)...

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