Sunday, March 25, 2018

Regarding Putin/Skripal poisoning etc. case("escalation" between Moscow London/Washington etc.)

The whole thing is nothing more than a lie used to condition decent Kremlin officials in case any are left out there...Moscow is bed with London/Washington and are becoming addicts of this cooperation - more and more dependent on West economically and technologically. Just as regular drug addicts depend on drugs, they will become more and more dependent on West till entire Russian economy and government will perform exactly as dictated by West.

China which got zero support from Russia in respect to Taiwan is already eyeing other that Russia options(more and more) as they know where whole thing is going...these are accomplishments of tsar Putan Putanowich(make no mistake - West gaining control over Russia means lots lots Russians homeless/jobless and substituted by foreigners and a bit whiter Russians...whiter Russians till a bit whiter come on board and so on).

Soon everything will go back to "normal" in respect to spy poisoning - no worries...they are in bed with one another. TOTALLY

I told you so this will happen. Everything written on this site will happen folks - like it or not, unless you get on your feet and so something about it. Watching Trump firing people left and right while appointing(replacing fired officials or those who "quit") own people won't do you any good. Global imperialist - neonazi plan is happening.

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