Friday, March 9, 2018

Roses are red, violets are blue because I won't be today or ever again with you - Russian speaking Pamela Robertson, Kelly Megyn and many many others are just few...

Dear ladies,

Thank you for being yet another special one in a very very long line...your loyalty(alimony free / tax-free) is priceless to mother made the tremendous difference in his sacrifice for the better world. 
Pamela do you remember me :)))) ????? Hellow Pamela...Pamela darling...My name Vladimir, not Borat...yes, I speak English yes...

Vlad gets away with what others don't....
Sorry guys, you must not try this in any place....only Putanowich gets away with it because politicians chase as Borat was chased those who try to stop Putanowich from doing exactly what you see on I right Trump !!???? Bush/McCain !!???? 

Is normal not only in Russia...normal everywhere...Russia(Russia gone baby - whats left of Russia can be seen on this news site) has no limits все нормально

Do not despair dear female victims of the serial rapist politician by the name Putan Putanowich...there is a hope for you if you were not worthy of receiving one after he impregnated you...
You see :))) Don't send him alimony bill or even dare to mention whose child you have beyond your thoughts...just pretend to know nothing and think about how special he was.

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From me to all female readers:
I wish all the women in this world very special Women's Day - you
are all incredible/priceless(the world would be totally worthless/ empty/ meaningless without you - you are the ones who give real meaning/oxygen to life).... We are on this world foremost to serve you and progeny.

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