Sunday, March 18, 2018

RETALIATION: Regarding criminal companies such as ebay, paypal, and many others out there ran by American Jews - about owners of Jewish companies

Main stream media reported on behalf of local Canadian police in Toronto on how billionaire couple from Toronto was murdered by multiple people and that is simply NOT truth !!! This is a government lie and I know so as I was in their home in Israel !!!
This people have a modern brand new housing(was brand new back in 2004/2005) that is facing mountains. I remember possibility to see mountains from area of this housing(individual houses what appeared to be away from cities).

Netanyahu profiled my view under MKULTRA on housing together with foreign delegation. I gave them positive feedback when drugged up(as if its okay/acceptable), but that sure is not the case in reality as Israel is nothing more than a desert(totally unacceptable place for me and even more so as am very specific in respect to people I see around me)

I cite Netanyahu, "we take care our people very well after they serve our interests abroad"...

Netanyahu and British suggested further on how many wealthy people already purchased from Israel parcels almost all the way to Iran and can't wait to get ahold of them - clean them up from natives and seed own people in there. Seems like Netanyahu had(perhaps even still have) huge plans for enlargement of the state of the Israel which in my opinion will end in total disaster(they have nukes too and are more than willing to use them against Israeli state).

On my objecting Netanyahu's ideas(he had his Lieberman always with him who insisted on how I will work in their military team to accomplish here mentioned) due to area climate and people, Netanyahu involved British which suggested on how many of them would move into new villages as well and its precisely why new areas are needed for Israel...

We are talking therefore about total ethnic cleansing(genocide on largest scale) with idea to populate first certain areas(locations of interest) entirely with Israeli and foreign population and then systematically wipe out the rest of the countries(not about single country, but instead countries).

Regarding above mentioned people(couple) only that two were very nice and so were several other Jewish Americans(public Hollywood figures) whose names I will not mention - they all had housing in this very same area.

Israel couples successful people from Hollywood and large businesses after those another words, they steer shit and engage in crime in our countries and then disappear just as listed under this very case.

This artcile is related to as a form of retaliation(response to ebay/paypal) which will develop as well into legal court action against the two(ebay and paypal) and state of the Israel. 

I also explain in this artcile on why criminal collaboration against me appeals to my neighbors as well as to my own family(this people are NOT my family, but instead criminals with whom I am compelled to be arround) in Novo mesto to whom Netanyahu have promised parcels and housing. Not to mention Slovenian president Borut Pahor whose son Luka Pahor was excited the most about Israeli prospect therough which he would obtain for most severe criminal performance against me done by his daddy, the right to special prvileges in state of the Israel(best possible studies and opportunities in the world).

PS. I wouldn't go to Israel not even for all the money in this world and trust me, I will get one via courts(nobody will ever pocket any money for changing course of my life via misery - maybe for killing me yes, but never ever for chaging course of my life via issues specified on this news site)...

Israel and neonazi America(with Germany, Italy, Great Brittain, Norway etc.) owe enormous amounts of money for ruining my life...ruining both of my citizenship and turning my life into nightmare. 

I didn't mention Russia on here as I love one(will let go Belarus and Russia) despite everything and even what became a thirst of Russian politicians to silence me for the sake of Israel and America(this politicians also pocket money from these countries for silencing individuals like myself - they reward them via foreign accounts and buses deals), but will press most severe criminal charges also against Slovenia.

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