Saturday, March 31, 2018

Smart EM Checker Electromagnetic Wave EMF Detector stolen

While totally useless downstairs(doesn't show direction from where radiation is coming, but would help to know in this case if from upstairs or downstaris - thats why gone), it could help up here...too late its gone now, but everything(all areas and my backpacks) was video recorded in case someone decides ti again come up with total stupidity as the case was the other day with keys...what went missing also was cable from oldest laptop(needed one today as brand new and newer laptop can't even create bootable win 7 dvd). Two hours ago as I searched lower ground area for one, nothing was there...and as I start to video record my room and then lower area due to above mentioned item, cable appeared back in lower ground area room from where I moved 6/7 days ago...interesting was also fact that all the doors in rear of the house where room is were unlocked(at almost 3am house was totally unlocked).
First cable(orig. charger) for this laptop was destroyed 6 months ago...situation led me into purchasing second adapter which cord was cut of by cable from third charger disappered and appeared again back..nice ;)

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