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WWIII is here // Trump(>>maybe<<) will provide deadly weapons for Slavs(in this case for Ukraine where 50% of population prefers Russian language over Ukrainian) for us to exterminate each other

December 23RD, 2017 - UPDATE ABOUT "ЯРКОЙ ТРУМП"
Lets go straight to the matter called reality...

#1 Russia no longer is bear who asks for permission(Putin), but exactly the opposite. Russia even offers(negotiates) AmeroGermanAngloSaxons a global trade(world's takeover) agreement in respect to another portion of Slavic land which in this case is Ukraine(same people as Russians are according to their DNA). Watch THIS and THIS(agreement was reached, but I call one betrayal of Russia and humanity because of reasons listed bellow).
Opportunity is sleeping away with Castros which declared war on neonazi America...thank you Putin !!! What should be will never ever happen thanks to you !!!

Would Russia have to ask permission(negotiate with West) in respect to Ukraine(Western economic takeover that led into what we will face within few days = war) if one did what was/is expected of her by Russian and Slavic citizens !!???? Would Americans place nukes and "shields"(anti missiles/Thaad etc.) in Europe and around Russia if Russia did what was/is expected of her by Russian and Slavic citizens !!???? Nope....none of what we see is happening today would ever take place...
What do Russia/China/India get !!???? Nothing...Russia gets back whatever is Russian(Slavic) and whatever should never ever be discussed(negotiated with neonazi West) about on the first place...Americans even dare to bully China with Taiwan(Taiwan is in reality China, but instead is place where Buckingham palace is still camping).
Its all fake and only used to empower Japan with weapons to which one have no right too due to WWIII - very serious future problem for Russia in that part of the world and what will become European side as well(Germany and Italy will follow Japanese example afterwards to do the same), but that's okay because problems like this will help neonazi AmeroGerman takeover of Russia in the future even more !!!
Wake up Russia !!! Wake up Slavic pride worldwide !!!

What neonzi West gets !!???? Territorial superiority over Russia, China, and rest of the world(imagine what recolonisation of the world will do and for them and for us - but its okay because Russian leadership is in bed with Buckingham palace - in bed with so called "white pride" bed with fascism/Nazism and don't care anything about Russian past nor where whole thing is taking doesn't matter what West owes to Russia and other Slavic lands in respect to WWII reparations or German neonazi politic that resurfaced again)....this is why no Russian cars(no Russian brands)...this is why Russian industry on knees !!! This is why Cuba left behind and so is South/central America(incl. Mexico) etc. Its called sabotage and its coming from the top(KREMLIN IS PACKED WITH TRAITORS AND STINKS AS MUCH AS ANYTHING ROTTEN CAN STINK) !!!

 Boris Johnson(as seen above) acted in Moscow as stupid as any

human possibly can(have imitated Trump) and Trump even simulated to Americans for New Year(Christmas) what single ICBM would look like(clear message to anyone that would oppose reunification of Ukraine and Russia is: imagine over 10.000 of those descending on US alone)...

Advice to China and India...if corrupt Russian top doesn't want to perform what was designated for under USSR, do it yourself...Venezuela/Cuba and Latin America are waiting for the opportunity that will bail them and world out of what we witness is taking place now even in Moscow(what Americans and Germans are doing to us Slavs even in our Slavic countries is unheard of - it is a disgrace for human race)...


With ЯРКОЙ ТРУМП(bright Trump) or not, Russia can't allow(afford itself) to lose portion of the land where over 50% of native population speaks Russian(its you Ukraine) - it will be war  100%(I cite above title of article, "deadly weapons" - its what Russia can't afford in Ukraine and nor should in any of the Baltic states), so get ready/resist and you will die....die for those who attempted to exterminate us time and again(its West that wants you/us dead) !!!

Officials: US agrees to provide lethal weapons to Ukraine 
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration has approved a plan to provide lethal weapons to Ukraine, U.S. officials said Friday, in a long-awaited move that deepens America's involvement in the military conflict and may further strain relations with Russia.

The new arms include American-made Javelin anti-tank missiles that Ukraine has long sought to boost its defenses against Russian-backed separatists armed with tanks that have rolled through eastern Ukraine during violence that has killed more than 10,000 since 2014. Previously, the U.S. has provided Ukraine with support equipment and training, and has let private companies sell some small arms like rifles.
 The officials describing the plan weren't authorized to discuss it publicly and demanded anonymity.

The move is likely to become another sore point between Washington and Moscow, as President Donald Trump contends with ongoing questions about whether he's too hesitant to confront the Kremlin. Ukraine accuses Russia of sending the tanks, and the U.S. says Moscow is arming, training and fighting alongside the separatists.

Trump had been considering the plan for some time after the State Department and the Pentagon signed off earlier this year. President Barack Obama also considered sending lethal weapons to Ukraine, but left office without doing so.

The State Department, responsible for overseeing foreign military sales, would not confirm that anti-tank missiles or other lethal weapons would be sent. But in a statement late Friday, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said the U.S. had decided to provide "enhanced defensive capabilities" to help Ukraine build its military long-term, defend its sovereignty and "deter further aggression."

"U.S. assistance is entirely defensive in nature, and as we have always said, Ukraine is a sovereign country and has a right to defend itself," Nauert said.

The White House's National Security Council declined to comment. Russia's embassy in Washington did not immediately respond to a request for comment late Friday.

Although the portable Javelin anti-tank missiles can kill, proponents for granting them to Ukraine have long argued they are considered "defensive" because the Ukrainians would use them to defend their territory and deter the Russians, not to attack a foreign country or seize new territory.

Under law, the State Department must tell Congress of planned foreign military sales, triggering a review period in which lawmakers can act to stop the sale. It was unclear whether the administration had formally notified Congress, but lawmakers are unlikely to try to block it given that Democrats and Republicans alike have long called on the government to take the step.

The move comes as the United States and European nations struggle to break a long logjam in the Ukraine-Russia conflict that erupted three years ago when fighting broke out between Russian-backed separatists and government troops in the east. France, Russia and Germany brokered a peace arrangement in 2015 that has lowered violence but not stopped it, and a political settlement outlined in the deal hadn't been fully implemented.

In recent days, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has warned that violence is up about 60 percent this year. In Europe earlier this month, Tillerson called Russia's involvement the biggest tension point between the former Cold War rivals.

"It stands as the single most difficult obstacle to us renormalizing the relationship with Russia, which we badly would like to do," Tillerson said.

The intensified support for Ukraine's military also comes amid early discussions about sending U.N. peacekeepers to eastern Ukraine, to improve security conditions not only for Ukrainians but for special monitors from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe who are on the ground in Ukraine.
The U.S. and other nations were cautiously optimistic when Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed to send in peacekeepers. But there are major disagreements about how and where the peacekeepers would operate, especially about whether they'd be deployed only on the "line of conflict" between separatists and the government.

Both the Obama administration and the Trump administration had expressed concerns in the past that injecting more weapons into the conflict was unlikely to resolve it, especially considering that Russia is well-equipped to respond to any Ukrainian escalation with an even stronger escalation of its own. Sending lethal weapons to Ukraine also creates the troubling possibility that American arms could kill Russian soldiers, a situation that could thrust the two nuclear-armed nations closer to direct confrontation.

The United States, under Obama, also imposed sanctions on Russia for its invasion and annexation of Crimea. The Trump administration has insisted those sanctions will stay in place until Moscow gives up the Crimean Peninsula.

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