Saturday, December 2, 2017

Bloodthirsty NEONAZI tanks are AGAIN gathering on behalf of British empire(GB and USA), Germany, Italy, and fascist Italy in zone of conflict(LOCATION Eastern Ukraine)

From Lugansk Colonel: Ukrainian military moving tanks, artillery to the line of contact

Dear Russian brothers and sisters...make sure you spill blood across the borders and not with brotherly Slavic peoples(not on our wholly soil like they have done just lately across the Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Egypt etc..)...they are the one behind the force of evil in Ukraine...when they feel their countries burning, conflict in Ukraine will stop at once.

When you engage in war in your backyard, you automatically loose one and Great Britain who is bagging for one with USA and Germany, knows this very well....

Ukraine will not be a war test field for uglier than ugly AmeroGerman British Italian neonazism/imperialism...we have to bring it in their countries/their town...let them get a good taste of one. HIT THEM HARD AS YOU CAN - LET THEM DROWN IN OWN BLOOD !!! Related to

Lugansk Colonel: Ukrainian military moving tanks, artillery to the line of contact

 LUGANSK, Ukraine - Spokesman of the republic’s militia
Colonel Andrei Marochko said on Saturday that the Lugansk People's Republic (LPR) reconnaissance team has seen Ukrainian tanks and artillery move along the line of engagement 20km north of Debaltsevo.

"Ukraine’s Armed Forces continue violating the limitations for deployment of military equipment close to the line of engagement, listed in the Minsk agreements," Luganskinformcenter quoted him.

"At night, a convoy of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ two tanks, three self-propelled artillery systems and four infantry fighting vehicles arrived to the Vozrozhdennya settlement," he said.

He then went onto claim that the Ukrainian military has fired over 2000 shells and mines on the LPR.

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