Wednesday, December 6, 2017

NEONAZI servant(lackey/footman) Vladimir Putin given yet another "conspiracy theory" opportunity which should boost 2018 elections' record and bring Russia a bit closer to NEONAZIS via so called "alternative news"(Western neonazi/fascist propaganda).

With the president like this, Russia needs no enemies...
What does typical FASCIST/NEONAZI collaborator(TRAITOR) looks like !!?????? See photo above and you will know....

We will get to listen/watch AGAIN very same main stream media news(Russian witch hunting) and off course so called "alternative news" which will echo the more "sane"(neonazi version of Russian ban from Olympics). And German filthy politicians to "defend" Russia against injustice....

And sieg heil...heil Hitler...heil Netan(Hitler)yahu...heil Trump...hail Merkel...heil Berlusconi...heil Putinayhu...heil Alex Jones....heil Jesse Ventura...heil Theresa May...heil Macron and heil Buckingham palace...

BUNCH OF LOSERS IS WHAT YOU ARE...YOU ARE AS PATHETIC AS YOU LOOK LIKE(weak, degenerated, and demented)...YOU EVEN POISON WATER TO PEOPLE... MAKE THEM EAT ONE ANOTHER(no longer only kill, we have now new phenomena in which above contestants are competing with one another - it was recently that Russian couple was found guilty of eating 30 people

You are whack job Putin who under neonazi conditions wouldn't
serve them even as cleaner(1.7 meter, and 3/4 white boy is what you are, so be proud about being part of something you will never ever truly be)...disgrace for Russia and world is what you are !!! I was even told that special light filter films(for photos as the one you see here) will be used by the West to present you to the world...


Vladimir Putin: 'Russia will not boycott Winter Olympic Games'

President Vladimir Putin has said that Russia will not prevent athletes from competing at the 2018 Winter Games under the Olympic flag. The statement came a day after the IOC banned the country over a doping scandal.

Just hours after a Kremlin spokesman said Moscow would take some time to consider its response to the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) decision to ban Russia from the Olympic Games, President Vladimir Putin (pictured above) confirmed that his country's athletes would be free to compete. 

"We will certainly not declare any boycott, we will not prevent our Olympians from competing, if they want to take part in a personal capacity," Russian news agencies quoted him as saying during a speech at an automobile plant in Nizhny Novgorod, where he also announced he would run for a fourth term in the 2018 presidential election.

There had been speculation that Russia could respond to IOC sanctions by barring its athletes from competing in the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, which open on February 9.

Following a meeting of the IOC's executive board in Lausanne on Monday, IOC President Thomas Bach announced a series of sanctions against Russia over evidence of systematic, state-sponsored doping outlined in a World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) report compiled by Canadian lawyer Richard McLaren.
Bach said that clean Russian athletes would be allowed to compete in Pyeongchang under strict conditions, including the fact that they will be referred to at the Games as "Olympic Athletes from Russia." The Olympic anthem and flag are to replace the Russian anthem and flag during ceremonies. Bach added that no accreditations to the Games would be given to the Russian ministry of sport.

The executive board also banned Russia's former minister of sport, Vitaly Mutko for life and suspended the president of the Russian Olympic Committee and IOC member Alexander Zhukov. The Russians were also slapped with a $15 million (€12.7 million) fine and ordered to pay for associated investigations and fund future anti-doping measures.

Tuesday's decisions followed after a 16-month investigation led by the former president of Switzerland, Samuel Schmid, and the news last month that WADA had judged Russia to be "non-compliant" with its anti-doping code.

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