Saturday, December 30, 2017

According to baboons from Chadan, I should be murdered(again hospitalized) right after New Year - will therefore not report about mass slaughter in Ukraine(what main idea is/same as situation was for Crimea during which I was also hospitalized).

My niece from animal services just confirmed me this news.
The only thing I will say is that if I was in shoes of my father when
they begun to lodge with CIA in this very house, I would make sure that their second arrival to this residence would be their last one(they would leave in body bags - make no mistake about that).
Just look at this ugly baboonic murderous backstabbing face...looks like a common criminal. According to Putin, Shoigu will be appointed as new Russian president upon Putin's departure.

My father, however, is the biggest coward I have ever seen in my life(it is impossible to find bigger coward on this planet), and so it was easy...extremely easy for them to perform what they have performed. I have never ever seen anyone as concerned(scared) for his life and well being like my father(so materialistic/self concerned - unmanly/feminine type of character - you could kill me and mom and whole family in front of him, he wouldn't mind as long as you would leave him untouched)...he loved to life threaten me as a child and my mom on daily bases, but when situation like this derived, he was quiet and obedient as mouse. The weakest coward on planet earth - ever.

There is no such thing as fear here...In fact, I want to go back to mental hospital to be tortured more(hopefully murdered this time)...I want psychiatrists to torture me more...I want to be killed(you murdered me already, so why not finish your job cowards) :)))) 

Once you do shit like this to me, we will dance(RACE) to the grave. And it doesn't matter to me which one of us gets there first or how long it will take to get us there(its now already 12 years that am posting this to internet and no government assistance of any kind in my direction ever - no right to police, no right to court, and no right to assitance of any kind...the only right is the right to death).

I am grateful to almighty God to have opportunity to witness for him about this world(regrets - I have none).

Obviously murderous United States of America which cooked all this shit will never ever be due to any reparations as the whole case was designed in such way(they will briefly admit whole thing after 40/50 years while pointing fingers at one another - its how they do it)...

Back to the video titled as "2 of 2 My neighbor murdered by microwave weapon"(more about my brave murderous Moscowian neighbors which I understand have residences ready in Russia in case they would have to run from here)....

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