Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Abduction is in progress. Nobody is abducting me right now, but I will explain in video what is happening(systemically)

According to MKULTRA, husband of my sister's daughter(niece) would sign employment contract with Israelis and our entire family would go there. Even year and half and three years old children are now grabbing dates and eating them like insane(they are trained and nobody eats dates in Slovenia)...children are also trained to love me perhaps a bit too much(it wasn't like this while back, but they sure go crazy about me when they see me now - I was told that this will be the case under MKULTRA)...according to MKULTRA, its so because they would be used in Israel to psychologically adjust me to new environment.

All audio and video recorded...

When they get me there, there will be no children for me - just way out. All thanks to you Putin. Thank you Putin in my own name and in names of over 10.000 women from Eastern Europe that get murdered like this per year.

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