Friday, December 29, 2017

Again microwawed this morning

I cite Ales Berger under MKULTRA, "we will continue to microwave you till you get detector".

Woke up this morning again with microwave(microwaving seems to have effect on blood pressure as well) sound in ears after just 6 hours of sleep.

Yesterday, I have replaced all screen recording clips with Microsoft Expression Encoder clips(have re-recorded) - but output resolution was changed to 560/260 by "someone".

After video was already completed, I realized what was going on(you can't see any resolution in win movie maker till project is completed)...bestial Moscow treatments = yeah.

Moscow have associated themselves with American neonazis and their treatments are no different from FASCISM/NEONAZISM in WWII.

We have choice...death under Germany/Italy(guaranteed as this is the worst scum that ever existed on planet earth) or what you see here...outcome is the same.

Joseph Mengele also offered free health insurance in concentration camps, so he could "cure" his "patients" and they were all cured(that much in respect to "low cost" health insurance in Slovenia).

Here is what/where my niece works at right now(its called "national laboratory for health, environment, and food")
Now excuse me...have to run to toilet(diarrhea is calling me again) and then complete video project.

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