Friday, December 1, 2017

The biggest reason(not mentioned yet) per why I hate idea about is Slavs approaching physical appearance to so called Nordic Aryans

Is a simple fact that our physical appereance is what keeps us alive/safe from what "Aryans" have done hundreds of millions times even to their own people for the sake of racial purity(they kill their own via unemplyment to reach their Aryan goals and you think they won't kill us as soon as possible if we were to play theircrazy game.....which they already have done millions of times to us).

The closer your physical appearance comes to Nordic Aryans, the more they want you dead because your DNA doesn't match their goals.

The more we differ from them, the better we and our progeny are off !!!

Our Slavic physical(facial) appearance, languages, cultures(folklore) are priceless....

Slavic pride worldwide - hell yeah !!! 

So-called "White pride worldwide" - hell no !!! 

Love the mongolian gene in certain portion of Russian population(nothing in this world like Russian women)....and love all others that make us special !!!

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