Thursday, December 14, 2017

I even got guns from Mossad in face several times

Will not forget mother who "let in"(in lower ground area room) Mossad to terrorize me under MKULTRA...I cite Mossad, "where is he...okay...go with us or we will just shoot you"(pointing gun in my face on several occasions)....I cite Mossad further, "he needs to understand that any kinds of resistance will end with bullets"...

In Israel I cite my niece, "too late...remember when I told you not to write about us...we are here now because of you"(emotionally extremely abusive and repeated on I don't know how many occasions).

Always everything was for my good and because of me.

I don't consider myself American despite having American citizenship(keep in mind that America didn't give me anything in this world other than crippling me and life in Guantanamo - I was just a dirty Slav who is also Slovene - from Slovenia from moment 1 as I entered USA) and nor do I consider or want to consider myself as an European Union citizen, but should we be treated like this now by Jewish state !!????

Whenever I asked Mossad under MKULTRA I cite, "why all this....what have I done" !!???? Answer was, "nothing, but you will"....

This is what Benjamin Netanjahu is...this is what Israel is.

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