Tuesday, December 5, 2017

How do you stop maniacs from engaging in MKULTRA(ruining whatever is left out of your life) against you in a case like this !!?????

I have no f****** idea...they have courts in their hands, human rights, human rights organisations, jobs, police, and butchers(psychitrists and hired killers) in their hands...they have everything in their murderous hands that are covered/sucked with blood(if people disbelive them, they start wars for people to die - make people kill one another on war fields)...

They loose nothing...the very next day, they seat and drink coffe/tea in TV studios and lough like nothing happened...

You can't stop them, but you can f*** them by not joining scum(why to give them reason to exist !!???? Its excactly what you do if you become one of them)

Don't feed your murderes/killers !!!

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