Tuesday, December 5, 2017

American storytellers(scam writers/criminals) have infected the whole world with their MKULTRA insanity and bogus news

Thats all they are....criminals like David Duke(so called historians) that write stories with their helpers for domestic and foreign governments(use people like myself to play with them like with pawns on chessboard)...international politic(news/media) works according to well ahead planed scenarios where static clowns(trolls) are depicted to public as good/bad....

What they do to us is none of their businesses because they are on pay(salaries) or even get extra benefits(am right Putin !!???) for performing crimes against us. As long as people buy their bullshit and is "okay", they have nothing to fear from...only to excuse/apologize(rationalize) their "jobs somehow(am I right Trump !!???) is what they care for.

It all started in this country(what even smallest towns begun to look like in US) and it then spread all over the place(infected entire globe)....there will be no freedom for as long as they will live...they ruined my life(46 years of which 23 was nothing else than MKULTRA and heaviest persecution possible).

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