Thursday, December 14, 2017

Three hours after posting videos about abduction threats/chemical burns on feet/microwaving, Slovenian president Borut Pahor already have his messanger at the front doors

I cite Pahor, "If you will go against our plan, you will be left without anything...we will also get you in home for poor singles where you will be tortured even more and abducted at one point".

She suggested me indirectly(via previous MKULTRA brainwashing) home for impoverished single(samski dom) as imminent future. 

And so criminal game goes on(no court, no police, nothing - left in the middle of the desert or ocean to my own devices - floating here for 12 years already)...I don't know how much longer, but it goes on...

Red news about "blood revenge"("eye for eye and teeth for teeth" system) in Albania that still is out there on Slovenian news site yesterday...portrayed as the worst country in the world....well, I believe that Albanian people are still much much better off with ancient "eye for and eye" system than with what we have in Slovenia. Its actually the worst system that we have here....unheard off in the history of the human kind is what we have here. Fear judiciary system like the one we have here in Slovenia wherever you are...where cops and courts act as criminals...psychiatrists/psychologists as government butchers and presidents have the authority to sell you to other governments, so those can conduct with them human experimentations on you and perform Guantanamo alike torture as pleased.

Stuff like this takes place when they are betraying country...when traitors are in power...when enemy's takeover of the country begins to take place from inside(YOU PAHOR - YOU).

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