Monday, December 25, 2017

Think of MKULTRA like this

They drug you up, bring you to the neighbor who shows you gun and threatens you on killing you if you just pass next to his residence in the future....they place you back in bed and you wake up...its not a pleasant memory on your neighbors, so you try top forget whole thing as is traumatic but they block you from employment market on two continents(in no less than 12 countries). This neighbor was Ales Berger and it actually happened with other neighbors and Novo mesto police.

Is there a psychiatrist than can actually counter my claim on how it is done under mkultra !!????

I don't think so...there not a single psychiatrist or psychologist on this world that would dare to publicly doubt any of my claims. None.

So we have Moscow on board with CIA and other neonazi governments(British/German, French) ETC. and I have therefore nothing to worry about right !!?????

No way for me to make a claim anywhere...on any court or at any organisation in this world as they all are in bed with one another...nice. 

I am ashame to mention word Moscow as I love Russia more than any other country in this world, but this is what Kremlin is today(a neonazi collaborator). Bergers and Kolenc are in bed with Moscow. What have had happened to real KGB !!????? 

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