Friday, December 22, 2017

To Israelis - what Hitleryahu thinks about you

In respect to we left Israel, Hitleryahu guided us through Tel Aviv's suburb where mostly Jews with Arab appearance look like...I cite Hitleryahu, "who cares about them...they are not us; we just need them for now...but they will be all gone"...

Don't count on so called "police chief" that is investigating him because this police chief is his subordinate(the two are in bed with one another).
David Duke is instigator who collects responses from white Americans for Israel to afterwards engage in genocide against them(with help of US Government, Israel destroys males via forced unemployment to resettle them afterwards to Israel - Israel is packed with neonazis/fascists - this is why David Duke was involved in my case all along)

Vladimir Putin and Medvedev(entire team with Shugoy and Lavrov and Czech/Polish governments) are in bed with Israel and America. Its extermination program for Slavs. Its a genocide and Israel just happens to be center for nazism/fascism in this century.
Slavic pride(NOT white) worldwide !!! Dedicated to beauty of Russian/Ukrainian/Polish/Szech/Serbia etc. women of today and not the one that would replace them....
Dedicated to real men who defended and defend our existence - not fagetons(TRAITORS) as seen above !!!

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