Thursday, December 14, 2017

Netanyahu(US Government) promised me to be cut out of income for the rest of my life - it works so far

Cut out of employment and any financial resources whatsoever(even donations that would be surveillance = private bank accounts, paypal, etc.). No life for me till throwing me behind the gates of Israel(even radiation that would stop in Israel, but that I would live in high-rise there, so it would continue if I would misbehave). He and US Government had support from neonazi European governments(CORRUPT TRAITORS).

Someone tell me why Israel exists...they created neonazism(gave neonazis grounds for existence/justification = WWII) and have thrown 8 million Palestinians out of their own country(had America burn entire Mideast for them, so they can steal more and more land from neighboring countries) after Russian and American troops liberated them from concentration camps...they turned WWII tragedy into joke in another words(they again revived neonazism after WWII; it is because of Jews that we have neonazis around again)...creatures that have exterminated more Semites than anyone else on this planet, yet they call truth tellers as "antisemites"...they violate laws/treaties...rape, kill, steal and call themselves a "victims"...THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE JEW !!!

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