Saturday, April 6, 2024

Aliexpress seller informed me that cameras I just purchased are indeed exact model also sold in 2024 - there is a photo with green sticker on LCD he sent me

Issue was of particular concern to me since my neighbors were playing with exactly as seen

on photo cameras already in 2013 while Robert Golob contemplated on the use of such camera already in as early as in 2009 - when those(I assume) didn't even anywhere near exist for acess to general public. While Robert Golob(now Slovenian prime minister) appeared to me had his camera changed in 2010 and/or 2011 for likely exactly as seen on video, neighbors got this cameras in their hands in 2013. Uhl, Berger Aleš, Peterlin and others begun to evaluate them for themselves...

Cameras I have received were rated by British royals as trash and Charles used them even as the threat I cite, "it will still be old model you will get sorry"(on what one begun to terrorize with issues involved in those - with also princess Anne and others). BRITISH ROYALS CONDITION CHINESE AND INDIAN MANUFACTURERS IN EXACTLY SAME WAY AS TO WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO NOKIA, SAMSUNG ETC. - THEY PROVIDE TECHNOLOGY THROUGH POLITICAL POWER(ACT AS A BRIDGE) IN RETURN  FOR CRIME INCLUDING MURDER AND THIS IS A REAL DEFINITION OF MK ULTRA CONCERNING MANUFACTURING These cameras were in circulation with those involved, I assume, 5 years ahead of release and are possibly even ORIGINAL SAMPLES OF cameras from 2013 - 11 years old cameras.

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