Saturday, April 13, 2024

The most famous American DRAFT DODGER who made it even into White House, is suggesting Ukraine should sign up for loans to get military assistance

All out American hero known as Make America Great Again who managed to escape military
draft on no less than 5 occasions suggests loan option for Ukraine - downgrade from already approved military economic aid to Ukraine by US Congress on several occasions. So who knows, perhaps the exhausted/bloodied Ukraine will sign up for American loan after all and become one day qualified for one of those Joe Biden's(ALSO NEVER EVER SERVED IN ANY MILITARY - ANOTHER MILITARY ASTHMA ATHLETE DRAFT DODGER) student forgiveness loans - if Ukrainians don't change their mind about Russia and decide to join one that is or give up on more Russian land theft...certainly encouraging words from main Western Ukrainian NATO ally...Trump's news which, however, was involved in MK Ultra comes out in the mids of increased Russian massacre in Ukraine where Russia dumps considerable amount of FAB bombs/burning Ukraine which suffers heavier and heavier casualties more and more infrastructure destruction in what became already 2 years and almost two months od death and terror....

Based on what I have tasted on my own skin, I frankly believe today in 2024 that a fall of the Soviet Union was a catastrophe for eastern Europe and world. The only good thing that came out of fall of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia was and is a real notion we eastern Europeans got about Russians and Serbs as a nations which previously was based on heavy misconception.

The two American draft dodgers and their Western elites/compatriots did awarded me with psychiatric mental illness certificate in 2012(after 40 years of torture performed on me) to look somewhat credible/convincing on political stage in front of their crowds and global audience whom West was convincing is in their best interest to see themselves in Western founded freedoms....nice. The two didn't fail to mention with George Bush/Clinton/Obama(none served any military) on how it would help me bail myself for avoiding to report to selective service in US since I became a citizen in 2000 - prior military service in Slovenia or my MK Ultra whereabouts were of no interest to them.

Hundreds of billions of Dollars worth of military and economic(at times even approved) aid will therefore have to wait for a bit longer this way - and/or will have to be inked with Ukrainian blood in most critical time for Ukraine...

There was some $10 per month or even less we got paid in military service in Slovenia where I reported myself as a volunteer and they wouldn't allow me to remain in military where I repeatedly applied to serve as a professional soldier - cited me ear damage, eyes sight problems, and even a piece of military clothing which I had extra in my belongings while in the military. About the rest that went on during my military service in Slovenia where I was exposed to even occasional MK Ultra torture - you already know. British royals went on to steal my military photos and so did had stolen other photos for which they deemed I could look dangerously appealing to public. Utterly as stated fucking disgrace of human beings. This is not the untold story, but about prohibited truth

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