Wednesday, April 17, 2024

MK ULTRA - In respect to Sydney mall attack

I wouldn't have guts to go visit Sydney. They got it all on video about one decade ago, HAVE RE-REHEARSED VIDEO INSIDE OF THE MALL WITH POLICE ON MORE THAN DOZEN OCCASIONS AT TIMES IN MY PRESENCE, and issued fake death certificates

upon which people act with mass hysteria to something that could but never did happen. Joel Cauchi who was heavily subjected to MK Ultra procedure himself likely IS DEAD. Savior Damien Guerot and Australian minister Anthony Albanese both were involved in MK Ultra procedure and have heavily related themselves to this incident. Scary scary Australia. Sydney is an asylum on open. Austrlia is with Britain and Canada the type of Benny Hill ONLY FOOLS AND HORSES MR. BIN asylum on open where comedy is used to drive people absolutely insane through the set of real UPSIDE DOWN  life events till those turn tragedy - all the comedians I mentioned an numerous others were involved to make it look as fun as possible. 

Not feel, but look for "scientists" and board of ethics to look as credible as possible - it must not look for what is even in 2024. When one is tortured at police or military facility, torture at least looks like torture and it gets its meaning, but when comedians you watch on TV and regular people of the street get involved as well...

Ash Good, 38, who was involved in my case WITH HER FAMILY SINCE EARLY
CHILDHOOD APPEARS HAD A CANCER OR SOME SORT OF PROBLEM HER PHYSICAL EXAMINATION HAVE FOUND IN 2008 !!! As for Joel, he claimed me during MK Ultra they will stick him in some home away from public view - I suspect might have not even been MK Ultra victims for this reason. This case of "stabbing" was and is directly tied to "king"(LONDON CRIMINAL) Charles who begun to insist me how they prepared some
against me. Sydney is one of the scariest cities in the world for am concerned. Where everything looks normal, but is in fact insane. Damien Guerot visited Australia on regular bases since 2008
(first time alone and then repeatedly with his father and finally also with his mother - two did some biking and I think he also has a sister - his mother was a perfect blonde) - must have been a young 14 years old(likely even 11) kid who liked it there so much.


@Britons - your job is done. You corrected/blessed my health with several cancerous problems(left arm, left foot, right side of the neck, colon cancer and possibly more), but correct those and other problems you created - you will not and this in absolutely any way !!! Your 52 years masterpiece job here is done.

You paid for my own mother and father to act insane around me my entire life.

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