Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Joe Biden is making space(is bleeding Ukraine) for a new US president just as others have done for Joe prior to his presidency in respect to his student loans/debt etc. forgiveness issues

Could West afford itself to loose Ukraine(good portion of eastern Europe as its decisions on

Ukraine are making profound effect on many other eastern European countries)
!!???? Not really. There is not Europe without Ukraine and Ukraine is the main country which keeps threat from the east at bay far from Germany, Italy, and even France/GB. 

@US Congress - Great job(possibly even keeping Ribbentrop Molotov plan alive),

but just know that your next president will be judged based on your present failure not vice versa. Incredibly IDIOTIC stuff is happening.

In newly occupied Palestinian territories, however, 50+ were killed in Gaza by Israelis within 24 hours rising human corpse count to 33,843.


Palestinian death toll in Gaza rises to 33,843: ministry

Source: Xinhua

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2024-04-16 20:03:00

I LOVE IDIOT EXPRESS(protesting lies, so world wouldn't see country for what one became) WHEN ITS SO FUNNY I PAY NO ATTENTION TO PEOPLE BEING KILLED LEFT AND RIGHT...

Czech businessman becomes billionaire by supplying repaired Soviet T-72 tanks to Ukraine

Czech businessman supplies repaired Soviet T-72 tanks and becomes billionaire

The owner of CSG Company Michal Strnad who started his business by repairing Soviet T-72 tanks, became a billionaire after supplying about a hundred tanks to Ukraine. He announced plans to catch up with Rheinmetall.

The head and owner of the Czechoslovak Group (CSG), Michal Strnad, became a billionaire after supplying repaired Soviet T-72 tanks to Kyiv, Bloomberg reports.

Strnad's father Jaroslav founded Excalibur in 1995. He would buy decommissioned Soviet tanks and other equipment in Eastern Europe to recycle them for scrap. He later "discovered a thriving market for spare parts and used combat vehicles in places like Africa, and also took advantage of close political connections at home."

Since then, the company has repaired about 300 T-72 battle tanks, about 100 of which were sent to Ukraine. Excalibur is now part of CSG. Since the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, the production of heavy ammunition has had a tenfold increase. The number of company personnel tripled to 10,000 people. Today the company has factories in eight countries.

Its revenue rose to €1.73 billion ($1.9 billion) last year, which was more than triple the profit of €0.56 billion in 2021. Strnad, who took over the company in 2018, said it has a full backlog of orders "for many years to come.” The demand for arms will remain strong for a very long time as it would take "years" to replenish defence stockpiles after the conflict in Ukraine ends, he believes.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Michal Strnad is now worth at least $5 billion, and his company is among the fastest growing arms manufacturers in Europe. The businessman said he is ready to take CSG to the next level: "We are not [German defense holding] Rheinmetall yet, but we are catching up.”

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