Tuesday, April 30, 2024

ICJ throws out Nicaragua's case asking Germany to halt aid to Israel with 15 voting in favor of Germany against 1 - exactly as Ursula Von Der Layen which managed to obtain last interview with ICJ justices in 2020 suggested case will be(she interrogated them on several occasions with each occasion earning for Germany more and more support via clearly curruption their governments)

However and contrary to what Joe Biden feared the most, China's economy index didn't slow down even a bit with China beating Western sanctions expectations and the same

appears of the situation with Russia. As much Ukraine was pushed aside/left behind when it comes to Western outdated military surplus technology, case of Ukraine is becoming more and more difficult task for American war criminal Biden to resolve in favor of Ukraine if he truly ever had such solution on his mind. And the longer it goes, the costlier with greater and greater casualties of Ukraine  - with what West boasts about are Ukrainian deserting draft in large numbers(its what old outdated technologically disadvantaged military hardware with lack of basic ammunition, shells will do to moral)

I suspect that Gaza supporters KNEW all about what I have written above in respect to ICJ ruling and justice will not halt with German Tania Von Uslar Gleichen who became so demented over course of time when having me over at ICJ since 2015 that she no longer would even recall about my staying with her also at her university during her younger years. There was time when Tania Von Uslar Gleichen was single and I was ready to mingle, but it seems to me these Aryanoids are either half demented or simply incapable to keep up lies due to which no longer are capable to discern between truth and lies. I wouldn't give a three fucks about creature as is seen in video for what my case is concerned. Her willingness to lie in the cameras about fight against legitimate accusations till the end of the world goes along with balloon justice you see on her left and Von Der Liar right bellow kissing Meloni and news about retirement...SCHIZOPHRENIA.
Entire crew of Nicaragua was involved in my case and if those willing to take case back at ICJ through investigation into corruption, you are free to contact me. 

ps. Sale of 6000 Rolls Royce cars each worth over $500.000 in UK which was involved in MK Ultra appeared as tempting but I think they had to wait a long time to announce one....perhaps too long because each day in Ukraine it costs more and more and its getting more and more

difficult to make difference. If those French German AI tanks won't arrive on time, you can wave good bye possibly not only Ukraine but entire eastern Europe. It was a big mistake to fend off Chinese fighter jet manufacturing in Poland which Chinese begun to offer in 1998. Same as to applies to Japan and South Korea, West tends to be more helpful toward those whom they need due to geographical locations regardless with whom they do business, but for that could be all too late now. Pollacks I heard won't be allowed to even have their red and white chessboard displayed as a sign on their F35s which contrary to Israel whenever those arrive to Poland if ever, were paid in Polish cash for. Amerikanski Husarzi as Pollacks refer to F35s were paid in 2020 $4.6 billion and there still is no sight of them anywhere above Polish skies, but for that theft too Joe Biden took credit for and will have them shortly delivered(Biden referred to them as "I will have them already finally delivered" in his shizo shit speech inside of our Novo mesto house during abduction in 2019 where trafficked from Poland for more damage to e done - its how Pollacks processed my political asylum according to proper German standards) - almost as soon as schizophrenic "huszari" is invented...so enjoy

@Ukraine - if your TOP state officials would state out loud my name, I would do my part as well in addition to what I already have done for you. But for the Western Brito American German Russo Serbian schizophrenia sake, I do not move even a finger. It must not be so bad then

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