Monday, April 29, 2024

Coming fight of Mike Tyson and Jake Paul will be a fight between schizophrenic as they branded Mike Tyson during MK Ultra and a normal sane Jake Paul as Jake Paul as one branded himself

Mike Tyson was repeatedly branded as violent schizophrenic with even an individual for whom I suspect silicone mask was used over his face by Slovenian police to even suggest me how one is a schizophrenic and therefore I shouldn't be like one - see myself in one. Although I don't see myself in either of the two and Tyson did displayed extremely violent schizophrenic tendencies inside and outside of the ring, Jake Paul in my opinion is more of the schizophrenic when compared to Tyson and will as such go flat. Jake Paul will never ever make it up for lost workout during his childhood regardless of workout. Real schizophrenia is a laziness with over 50% of world population suffering from one not to mention about dementia/memory loss issues which older population is exposed to. In the world of boxing, extreme counts ONLY as normal and predisposition for success starts at early age.

@Jake Paul - you have a lots of tattoos all over your body to be seen any different from Mike Tyson regarding mental state. Age is your only advantage since you flashed infront of me together with psychiatrist Japš with mental issues.

It was determined for Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou fight in 2015 how Francis Ngannou will loose one due to weight issues, but after fight with Anthony Joshua that Francis Ngannou who would drastically loose weight would win every fight from there on. Expect drastic weight loss at Francis Ngannou.

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