Thursday, April 18, 2024

Since 2010(Americans claimed beginning of it in 2006) as prince Charles alone claimed me, Google handled issues pertaining to my MK Ultra case ENTIRELY via artificial intelligence

My so called MK Ultra case as British criminals referred to one as with their American partners begun to instigate in state of the art crime which tentacles would ran in benefit of extermination psychiatry against me through world of artificial intelligence by programming google to certain search criteria PATTERNS connected with world of distorted lies which governments pushed down my throat - to depict me through my own research of MK Ultra as paranoid. Issue of artificial intelligence not to be mistaken with violent brainwash which Americans and British begun to engage in front of computers demonstrating me future news based on their own misinterpretation. 

What artificial intelligence can do to one that was subjected to MK Ultra brainwash and foremost subjected(programmed) to distorted reality !!???? Destroy one based on instructions received by guiding victim into online traps through selected steps which victim can't avoid online.

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