Saturday, April 20, 2024

MK ULTRA - Darien gap was the first even big overseas FREE adventure for nurse Janko who became a criminal enthusiast to degree my father was thrown on a dead bed utterly for me to learn about human garbage

When criminals with Slovenian police badges from Novo mesto police station reached Darien gap(all for free at taxpayers expense - not bad job) in 1989, they only did portion of trip begun to pursue/convince me it was same with me claiming how I never did whole thing...a good number of people traveled to Darien gap during MK Ultra in my presence with even some ladies 

Why were British royals concerned about Darien gap !!???? Because of the fall of the Soviet Union for which US government and UK governments pro-calculated will result in the boost of the poverty throughout southern America. And what I have just stated was considered as a top secret that never should have been released to public according to British royals who turned out to be such a nice chaps TIME DEMONSTRATED. Nurse Janko traveled to Darien gap with Slovenian criminally insane corrupt Slovenian politicians such as is Robert Golob in 1998 and again in 1999.

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