Monday, April 22, 2024

London's hysteric pub either changed owners or obtained a special financing in 1992/1994 - Club which frequently hosted Slovenian UDBA assassins was listed to be demoluted(demolished), but Charles saved one for some time

A club where prince Charles and Andrew recommended Slovenian Yugoslav police to relax and one of the first torture procedures right out on open took place performed by Slovenian Yugoslav police under strict guidance of British royals who watched on the side and to whom Slovenian politicians would also

join in torture. With one of the first as GREGOR GOLOBIČ whom I heavily promoted and what became in 1990 also Robert Golob - now Slovenian prime minster begun to join insane London party club where Kučan's privileged would depart. Where Milan Kučan's boys became even popular with Brits spiting in my face to become as close as possible with their eastern partners. You see, British learn from those who deliver tortured person on how/what to do with it. I will not say same as others as British royals assisted failed Joisp Brioz Tito in bribes for violence in developed world. British royals turned directly to their eastern partners and addressed them with embarrassing concern to rather take over sponsorship of violence due to lack of money which Belgrade Ljubljana

politicians often times had problems with. It was heavily assumed by Westerners that Robert Golob is a son of a Milan Kučan due to Kučan's constant push and Golob's constant chide and call for violence whenever I was accompanied abroad. It soon became evident to me that Golob sucked from Milan Kučan on one side and the other prince Charles's tit was presented to me afterwards as a nice cozy place for community to spend free time for kids to have a place to go etc...BULLSHIT.

British royals demanded from me for me to share money with Golob, Golobič, Kučan and others - I suggested them a barb wire around their necks instead of regular rope. I have no clue with what right have British royals dared to "suggest" on the first place. They knew what my relation was with Kučan and no one ever asked them for opinion.


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