Thursday, April 11, 2024

Lets just hope that Finland and Sweden didn't join NATO to block assistance to Ukraine what also was my initial and main concern about their play with NATO and Russia

Fines and Swedes never ever had answer on question as per why they weren't part of NATO on the first place whenever asked about issue beginning 1995...

It clearly started to stink badly once I learned during MK Ultra about their future arrival to NATO membership during what they negotiated together with Russians was to become war on Ukraine the two countries tortured together with Russians for the sake of espionage as it appeared and finally as it appears today even more.

@Alexander Stubb - you may want to tune down or shut up through and through. War in Ukraine in  a huge way is because of your country alone. As for my life, one definitely was destroyed for your grand Germanic appetites. If you don't like NATO, get lost. I definitely am not your believer.

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