Monday, April 29, 2024

IN SLOVENIAN LANGUAGE ONLY: April 25th 2024 open criminal case of investigation into entire police station - police exercised Mount Everest of deterrence intimidation in my face based on MK Ultra scenarios, but it all failed short as those behind CCTV who observed procedure from police administration building were clearly told arrests are on their way

Officer was explained due to nature of crime enforced against me by Novo mesto police department, due to NO such case ever resolved by Slovenian police, no experience in resolving such case, due to investigating one solely myself - I will need individual with proper police credentials to assist me in completion of work which will require ALSO investigation of Novo mesto police station itself. Nature of the crime belongs into category of domestic terrorism/ethnic cleaning/ genocide(abuse of unauthorized power for purposes of torture/homicide - causing ongoing deliberate physical as well as psychological harm to blacklisted victim and possible harm to others with idea to indefinitely destroy targeted individual) which Slovenian police enforced on behalf of Slovenian parliament and elected presidents. Officer excused appointment/meeting setup with administration by claiming how all is done via email and how everyone left home for the day. 

Officer on duty was identified as soon as I left for visit to father all audio recorded. One joined police during my first return from USA within 11.5 years to Slovenia in 2006. Behind him another police officer who was also involved appeared and a lady. Officer's father/family were involved in it since 1990. The one who hired young man in the grammar school for future police officer was Janez Ogulin who had one perform all sorts of intimidation procedures which would apply during my future visit to police station(telephone calls he gets one confronted, sirens, vehicle parked were all part of brainwash at this very police station). Even a meeting with here seen individuals for which they anticipated would develop into physical confrontation 

This young man lied about his police whereabouts and dared to even suggest will meet me during first day of complain to see if its worth to go forward with it - suggesting me wouldn't proceed in case I wouldn't identify one. The taller individual who stood up next to one in the background also exercised violence against me and I will file criminal complain/charges also against him. Will let lady of the hood as was not involved in any psychological physical harm.

Sramota smrdljiva Britanska.

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