Friday, May 25, 2018

What nationalization is and who Boers(white South Africans) are

Something about nationalization

Fact is that entire Eastern Europe was nothing more than German colony at one point and time(German empire as well as Austro Hungarian slavery were nothing else than colonial systems to which we witness even today in South Africa)...our people kicked out parasites and those willing to stay, have integrated themselves into our societies.

Boers are the most racist(fascist-neonazi) people you will ever find ...they hate everything and anything that is not Dutch or German...

Boers hate Belgians, they hate Italians, they hate British, they hate Spanish, they hate French, and I don't even have to go into term "Slavic" as we are nothing more than what Mexicans represent in US("South of Rio Grande or East of Oder/Odra its all the same" is what they say in good olle USA)...

BOERS HATE AFRIKANERS(mixed with white or white, but not pure German/Dutch/Scandinavian)....Boers are thugs/criminals, and terrorists who got involved in my case and were using me as a bait on world's stage to get things done for themselves. They are in bed with political traitors(baboons like Putin/Vučič/Pahor) to our nations and do not care about Polish, nor Ukrainian, nor Slovenian, nore Croat and so on people...

I recommend South African government to continue with nationalisation process as is right of the majority of the people and not handful of German/Dutch neonazis(murderous colonizers which exploited natives for centuries).

If they get violent, use same as is used elsewhere worldwide to fight terrorists.

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